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Why is the nitriding melting point so high

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What is titanium nitride?
Titanium nitride powder is usually yellow-colored brown, the superfine TiN powder is black, and the TiN crystal is gold yellow. TiN has a melting point of 2950 ℃, a Mohs hardness of 8-9, and excellent thermal shock resistance. The melting point of TiN is more than that of a lot of shift metal nitrides, however its thickness is less than that of most metal nitrides. It can be used as conductive products such as electrodes as well as electrical get in touches with for liquified salt electrolysis. There are 2 type of Ti2N2 as well as Ti3N4; Titanium dinitrogen is a yellow solid. It dissolves in boiling aqua regia. When it encounters a hot salt hydroxide remedy, ammonia will certainly be released. The properties of titanium trinitride are similar to titanium dinitrogen.

Prep work of titanium nitride
It can be made by straight reacting titanium and nitrogen at 1200 ℃. The coating can be developed by vapor deposition of titanium tetrachloride, nitrogen, as well as hydrogen combination. Titanium dinitrogen is made by home heating titanium metal in nitrogen or ammonia at 900 ~ 1000 ℃. Titanium tetranitride is made by home heating titanium tetrachloride in ammonia at 1000 ℃.

Main applications of titanium nitride
Titanium nitride (TiN) is a fairly stable compound. It does not respond with iron, chromium, calcium, magnesium, and also various other metals at heats. The TiN crucible does not react with acid and also alkaline slag in the atmosphere of CO and N2. Consequently, the TiN crucible is a superb container for studying the interaction in between liquified steel as well as some elements. TiN sheds nitrogen when heated in a vacuum cleaner to produce titanium nitride with reduced nitrogen web content TiN is a cash yellow structural material with a high melting point, high solidity, excellent chemical stability, negligible moistening with steels, and high conductivity as well as superconductivity, which can be utilized in high-temperature architectural materials and superconducting products.

What is the role of titanium nitride finish?
Titanium nitride layer is a global PVD layer with a thickness of 2300HV. It is a difficult covering product with fully grown technology and extensive application and has high solidity, wears resistance, as well as oxidation resistance. It uses to most reducing tools as well as high-speed steel reducing tools or developing devices to boost their machining performance, and it is additionally applicable to most creating dies and also wear-resistant workpieces.

Rate of titanium nitride
Titanium nitride particle size and pureness will influence the item'' s Price, and also the purchase volume can also influence the expense of titanium nitride. A big quantity of large amount will be reduced. The Cost of titanium nitride can be found on our firm'' s main internet site

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