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Currently, in the field of construction, the vast majority of walls use steel bars, concrete, and bricks, and the walls we produce are ready-made and can be directly assembled into houses, just like children’s building blocks. This type of wall has a professional term called “self-insulating lightweight insulation wall.” Using this type of wall to build a villa, the average cost per square meter is only about 400 yuan – even for a 3-story building, the total price is only over 100000 yuan.

(Cement foaming agent)

Trunnano Concrete Foaming Agent

This type of wall uses Portland cement, fly ash, foaming agents, and additives as raw materials. It is made into foaming slurry through physical foaming technology, which is poured into shape. “This type of wall has two main characteristics: lightweight seismic resistance, thermal insulation, easy construction operation, stable quality, low bulk density, good insulation effect, high strength, and can be cast on-site or installed on-site after factory production.”

Self-insulating lightweight insulation wall

Lightweight, to what extent can it be achieved? In per cubic meter, the heaviest weight of this kind of wall will not exceed 300 kg. If the customized wall for special buildings is made of aerogel thermal insulation materials, the lightest will be about 20 kg. Ordinary reinforced concrete walls weigh over 2000 kilograms per cubic meter.

For large or high-rise buildings, steel-reinforced main structures can be used, with the on-site pouring of walls, which we call “steel structure composite insulation walls,” and can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8. Their main focus is on the research and development of high-rise prefabricated building series technology, lightweight steel villa prefabricated research and development, and wall prefabricated building research and development. They have obtained nearly 20 invention patents and utility model patent technologies.

These new materials conceal “black technology.”

Whether it is a new wall or a new decorative building material, only when the internal pores are small and numerous enough can they not only provide insulation but also meet the lightweight requirements. After years of research and development, it has realized the production of “aerogel thermal insulation materials” at room temperature. National patents have protected this technology, which is currently at the leading international level in the same industry.

This new material is a nanoporous amorphous lightweight material formed by the aggregation of nanoscale particles with a continuous three-dimensional network structure. It has extremely low density, high specific surface area, high porosity, low thermal conductivity, and excellent insulation performance. It can work stably at high temperatures, with a maximum operating temperature of 1000 ℃. The pores inside this material are only 10 to 20 nanometers, and the air content inside the product can reach over 90%. It has broad application prospects in building energy conservation, high-speed rail for ships, ceramics, energy, petrochemicals, aerospace, etc.

Application of cement foaming agent

In the field of construction engineering:

Ground radiation heating insulation layer: Cement foaming agent can be used as an insulation layer material for building ground radiation heating, reducing heat transfer and improving heating efficiency.

(Application of cement foaming agent in construction engineering)

Roof thermal insulation: Using cement foaming agents on the roof of a building can enhance the thermal insulation effect of the roof and reduce energy consumption.

(Application of cement foaming agent in construction engineering)

Construction of infill wall blocks: Cement foaming agents can also be used in building infill wall blocks to improve the sound insulation effect of buildings and reduce urban noise pollution.

(Application of cement foaming agent in construction engineering)

In infrastructure engineering, cement foaming agents can improve the impermeability and moisture resistance of the base layer laying work in areas such as sidewalks and sports fields and enhance the stability and durability of the ground.


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