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Along with the increasing global attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, green buildings have become a hot topic in the construction industry. As a new green building material, the industry gradually favors floor-heating foam concrete. The cement foaming agent of floor heating foam concrete is the core component of this material, which has brought revolutionary changes to the floor heating project.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Environmental Choice: Booster for Green Buildings

In the current trend of environmental protection, the demand for green building materials is becoming increasingly strong. With its unique environmental protection performance, the cement foaming agent of floor heating foam concrete has become an important driver of green buildings. This foaming agent is made of environmentally friendly raw materials, non-toxic and harmless, and produces extremely low pollution during production and use, fully meeting the requirements of modern green buildings.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Technological Innovation: An Upgraded Tool for Underfloor Heating Engineering

The cement foaming agent of floor heating foam concrete has achieved environmental protection and a major breakthrough in technology. Through unique foaming technology, this foaming agent can form many uniform and fine pores in concrete, significantly improving the insulation performance of concrete. In underfloor heating engineering, this foaming agent can significantly improve the heat dissipation efficiency of underfloor heating, achieving a more comfortable and energy-saving living environment.

Widely applicable: adaptable to various underfloor heating needs

The cement foaming agent of floor heating foam concrete is widely used. This foaming agent can be used for underfloor heating construction, whether a newly built building, an old building renovation, or a residential or commercial space. Meanwhile, due to its excellent insulation performance, this foaming agent is also suitable for underfloor heating projects under various climatic conditions, providing long-lasting and stable insulation effects for buildings. With the increasing global attention to green buildings, the market prospect of cement foaming agents for floor heating foam concrete is very broad. More and more construction companies and consumers are realizing the advantages of this foaming agent in environmental protection and energy conservation and choosing it as the preferred material for underfloor heating projects. In the future, this foaming agent is expected to shine in the field of green building and become a new favorite in the industry.

Application of concrete foaming agent

Reducing concrete density: Concrete foaming agents introduce bubbles into the concrete, thereby reducing the density and weight of the concrete. This lightweight concrete is particularly suitable for situations that require reducing the load-bearing capacity of structures, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, etc.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Improving concrete performance: Foaming agents can change concrete microstructure and enhance its durability, weathering, and corrosion resistance. At the same time, concrete foaming agents can also improve the thermal insulation performance of concrete, making it have better insulation effects.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Application in blocks and lightweight panels: In the production process of blocks and lightweight panels, concrete foaming agents can endow products with physical properties such as lightweight, thermal, moisture, and sound insulation. These products have many applications in construction, such as walls, insulation layers, etc.

(Application of concrete foaming agent)

Sewer self-healing function: The new concrete additive has a self-healing function, which can automatically release a repair agent to fill the cracks when small cracks appear in the concrete, restoring the integrity and strength of the concrete. This self-healing function is significant for long-term infrastructure maintenance, such as sewers, and can reduce frequent repairs’ economic and time costs.


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